Looking for Common Ground. A Dispute Resolution Strategy that seeks to find the common ground, interests, positions, concerns held by disputing parties in an endeavour to effectively resolve the dispute.  Do you remember the last time you experienced conflict with someone ? You were angry and understandably so. But, you…

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Research shows that venting is nothing less than an act of fueling the fire of anger and igniting one’s inner explosives. Society has for a long time slavishly followed the principle that venting one’s anger is cathartic and reduces inner turmoil and distress. This principle is based upon the theory…

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The Power Of An Apology

Sorry speech bubble

Never Under Estimate The Restorative Power of an Apology! Will your dispute be resolved or will stalemate be your status quo? Well, it all depends on whether you grasp the significance and power of an apology. One key factor  that has never ceased to amaze me is how the offering…

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