Mediation Quiz


This Mediation Quiz is designed to assist you in determining whether or not mediation is something you should consider for the settlement of your dispute


  • Do you want to be involved in a process where you and the other party are able to fully control what happens in and during the process ?


  • Do you want to remain in control of the final outcome of your negotiations ?


  • Do you want to remain in control of your own future instead of releasing it into the hands of others  ?


  • Would you prefer to engage in a process that does not have the time and rules-rigidity generally associated with litigation ?


  • Do you want to save any unnecessary wastage of time, money and emotions ?


  • Do you need to preserve ongoing parenting relations ?


  • Do you want the best interests of your children to be a critical discussion point in the mediation?


  • Do you want the outcome of your dispute to be mutually satisfactory, mutually beneficial?


If you have answered yes to any of these questions it is probably a good idea for you to consider Mediation as a potential option for the settlement of your dispute

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