Online & International Mediation


An Overview of Online & International Mediation

As a rule of practice a Family Mediation is conducted in person with both Parties being present in the same room as the Mediator. This is no doubt the ideal way for a mediation to operate and is the most utilised way of conducting a mediation. With the advent of the internet, increased international co-operation between parties and the relaxing of many international borders there has accordingly been an increased dispersion of family members across the world. What is not always public knowledge to many is the fact that Family Mediations can very easily, in circumstances where necessity dictates, take place as an online process via Telephone Conferencing or Video-Conferencing.


This is particularly relevant in matters involving international parenting issues where the parents reside in different countries and are not able for whatsoever reason to be in the same location at the same time for purposes of attending a Mediation. In such instances, the mediator will set up the mediation forum in cyber space with the process of the online international mediation being closely aligned to the process followed for face-to-face mediations.

International Mediation


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