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Tracey-Leigh Wessels is a Durban Family & Divorce Mediator and Attorney who specialises in the field of  Family Law and Family & Divorce Mediation.  

Tracey-Leigh received her LLB degree in 1990 from the University of Kwazulu-Natal (Pietermaritzburg). She subsequenly went on in 1994 to receive a Master’s Degree in Law (LLM -Thesis) and ten years later received a further Master’s Degree in the multi-disciplinary field of Family Law and Social Work, graduating cum laude.

Tracey-Leigh has been practicing as a Family Law attorney since 1997. She obtained her accreditation as a Family & Divorce Mediator in 1998 at a time when mediation was for the vast majority of attorneys hardly even considered as a viable alternative to litigation. She continued over the years to upskill herself in the field of Mediation and in 2012 she attended a Civil and Commercial Mediator Training Programme run locally under the auspices of the ADR Group (London).

Tracey-Leigh has over the years obtained extensive mediation experience in a wide array of Divorce and Family-related disputes including Elder Mediation and Marital Mediation matters.

The focus of her Mediation practice is primarily on Family Law related disputes and more specifically on assisting couples and families involved in intractable family-related disputes to reach workable, reality-tested resolution which meets the best interests of all the Parties involved, in particular the children who are more often than not caught in the cross-fire of the dispute.

As the Mediator, Tracey-Leigh’s role is to manage the process of conflict resolution and to maximize party self-determination. She remains impartial to the issues in dispute and does not assume an adjudicative role in respect of the disputes at hand allowing the parties to work towards a resolution that suits their individual needs but still meets the standards that would be required by the Law.


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