The Advantage of Good Communication

Conflict  causes confusion, chaos, disorientation and despair. Sadly, clear communication is always the first casualty in a conflict situation. Without doubt, it is difficult to break a cycle of conflict once it has been put into motion. This is where a Mediator can be of great value. Mediators bridge the ever-widening chasm between the parties. They help to sift through confusing, vague communication; ambiguities; wrong assumptions; misunderstandings and offence.

Through the asking of questions, Mediators assist parties to gain clarity on what is being said. It is common in conflict for people to react to what they assume was said. It is equally common for them to react to what they believe is the motive behind a supposed attack, when in fact they could be wrong, both on assumption and belief.

Mediators help to lift the fog that often clouds perspective. They promote discussions aimed at resolving a dispute where no one loses face, where understanding is increased and where a mutually acceptable resolution is the prize.

The primary ways that Mediators act as a bridge between the reality of a conflict and the possibility of resolution is through communication techniques aimed at:

  • Asking questions and helping the parties to reflect thereon.
  • Encouraging the parties to summarise in their own words what they are hearing.
  • Encouraging feedback from the parties to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  • Helping each party to understand what is at stake if the conflict continues.
  • Facilitating the generating of options open to each party.
  • Enabling each party to assess the advantages and the potential disadvantages of their settling their matter at Mediation.

Without good communication, conflict continues, lives are disrupted, confusion reigns. With good communication, clarity, understanding, and ongoing relationship becomes achievable . The advantage hereof is compelling.

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