The Gift of Sight is a wonderful thing, that is until the mind gets in the way and begins to distort reality. Distorted reality results in a warped erroneous viewpoint. Change Your Perspective and you change your reality .

Sometimes in a conflict situation what we “think” we are “seeing” is not a true reflection of what is actually happening. For example, we may think someone is talking behind our backs simply because we see the sideways glance of the small group huddled together as we walk past them and immediately interpret that as “they are talking about me” .

Or, we may mistakenly assume that someone is trying to avoid us because they do a quick detour as we walk towards them, not realizing that there may be other reasons for that person’s sudden or abrupt change in direction.

Perception, or more colloquially, “what we see” particularly when it comes to human interaction and body language has so much more to do with our minds than with our sight. Perception influences perspective. Nowhere is this more apparent than in a conflict situation where what we think we see others doing, may well not be the actual reality of the situation.

Our perception may be wrong – our perspective may have to change.

In other words, our minds – far more powerful than our sight – may have incorrectly interpreted the situation. What we perceive as happening, and the viewpoint we take thereof, may be based on a factually wrong premise. This premise, originating not from sight, but from how our mind has interpreted what we have just seen.

This can often times have a dire consequence for ourselves and for the other person.

Because our sight is influenced by our mind which in turn is influenced by our emotions at the time, it is critical that before we react to what we “think” we are seeing – we need to Pause, Consider, Challenge our thought processes and where necessary Change our Perspective.

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