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Social Justice is excited to invite you to a Webinar on Reflective Practice for Mediators on the 18 November 2021 at 18H00 with world-renowned Mediation expert, author and trainer Michael Lang and his colleagues.

In this webinar, participants will learn the practical, real-world benefits of Reflective Practice, and how Reflective Debrief (a coaching conversation) helps mediators improve their competence, effectiveness, and confidence.   Michael Lang will be presenting the Webinar free of charge to all members and colleagues of Social Justice. Should you need to have a CPD certificate for attendance at the webinar this can be issued by Social Justice as follows:

R100-00 excl. VAT for Social Justice Association Members

R250-00 excl. VAT for non-members

We all want to feel competent and helpful. We want to do our best for our clients. Most of us believe that through experience we will gain the resources, knowledge and tools to be skillful and effective Mediators. The common phrase, practice makes perfect, suggests that experience determines competence. But, experience alone does not produce competence. Repetition leads to acting on auto pilot. Mastery is achieved when we use our experiences as learning opportunities.

In this practical and hands-on Webinar, Michael Lang and his team will cover the following:

What is Reflective Practice and why might it be of value for you as a Mediator?
How is Reflective Practice different from getting feedback from participants or other Mediators?
How do you know if you are doing the best that you can as a Mediator?
The powerful effect of a non-judgemental process (Reflective Debrief) for learning from practice situations.
Considerations for creating reflective practice groups as a means of learning from puzzling or unsettling practice experiences, as well as from those surprising successes.

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